Limitless Agile Learning Community is a Self-Directed education enrichment center that welcomes curious minds to pursue their individual interests, and encourages development of unique strengths.

Limitless Agile Learning Community is accepting enrollments and will be opening in Reno, NV on October 12th, 2020 at the River School Farm in West Reno. Children ages 7-18 are invited to explore, collaborate, and navigate a variety of resources in a non-coercive learning environment. The location is a beautiful, mostly outdoor facility along the Truckee River, right next to Mayberry Park. In addition to being able to play in a farm-like atmosphere with chickens, goats, crops, nearby trails and outdoor meeting areas, Limitless ALC offers educational enrichment of the children’s choosing. Activities and participation are up to the children. Autonomy and free choice are valued and encouraged.

This program is different from school because we let the children pursue their interests and offer guidance along the way rather than giving them an established curriculum to follow. Play, exploration, creating, interaction and community involvement are just some of the ways we encourage learning. Reading, writing, and problem solving will occur naturally in day to day activities, as needed, when students are interested or developmentally ready, rather than following directed instruction on a set timeline. Children learn at different rates, and rather than being labeled ahead or behind, they are exactly where they need to be.

Because we are not a school, parents will need to submit a Notice Of Intent (NOI) to homeschool, and can choose to follow their own course of instruction to meet the state standards. As facilitators, we will help guide you through that process, but as always, you are your child’s first and best teacher, and we help give you and your child the support you need to meet your educational goals.

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