Laura Watson

Laura Watson has a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Technology Instruction from California State University, Fullerton. She has over 21 years working with school-age children, 12 of which were as a licensed teacher in both public and private school settings. Laura was a lead teacher at a National Blue Ribbon school, has conducted teacher inservice trainings, and participated in both science and writing curriculum steering committees. Laura trained beginning teachers and student teachers, and always emphasized creating engaging activities that encouraged active student participation.

Laura left her teaching career to raise her two children and help run her family business. She has also become an Amazon Best Selling Author, manages a women’s group, and volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters. But she has always expected to return back to education. During the years away from education, Laura witnessed an enormous shift away from actively engaged students developing a love of learning to one of anxiety and depression as students became more pressured to improve performance at all costs.

Laura began developing ideas to revolutionize education programs, and stumbled upon programs throughout the world that had similar philosophies. Learning is natural when one has interest or desire to learn. Laura believes that the coercive nature of the current traditional school system has contributed to increased anxiety and depression among preteens, teens, and young adults. Laura is determined to provide an environment that gives students freedom to learn what is important and/or relevant to them, and develop themselves as humans rather than as workers. Laura’s mission is to help children with their own personal growth, so they live to their fullest potential instead of trying to meet someone else’s standards placed upon them.